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For the soul-bruised woman, entering the healing space of LaSara Firefox Allen’s Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality is timely. It gives us permission to remake the routes to our inner sources of feeling, power, creativity, wisdom and experience. 

Femella, one of five reimagined spiritual archetypes, is the child. She represents an unmediated connection between your external senses and your inner response. When you are Femella you laugh at silly words, you eat for enjoyment, you care not for clocks and schedules. You are the girl who has not been taught shame. You are the girl who has her power unmoulded, who sees clearly and speaks directly.

Femella can feel dangerous, not bound by society’s rules. Adult sensibilities will judge her, seek to make her conform. Women may not be used to inhabiting this role as adults, yet it’s available to us. It is a source of power. 

Ignore a rule, refuse to buy into shame, invite Femella out to play. 

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