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Why do we feel compelled to capture? It seems to me lately that it’s an act of aggression, driven by fear. A sense of scarcity demands that we hold on to something, to preserve it, glorify it. 

In a coaching call today I realised that “capturing learning” is such an odd concept in this world where we don’t trust our bodies and minds to correctly take away meaning from situations. As an analogy to the ever-popular Scrum “retros” or end-of-project “washups”, we discussed how a photo taken at the end of a walk doesn’t capture all the views seen along the way, but then… Why do we capture at all? Why not be present in each moment? 

The opposite to capturing I think may be noticing. How many people take a photo without really looking at the thing, thinking “I’ll look at that later”? Instead, what can help us notice the here and now? Really be in the moment and let it pass?

I journal to notice things and be present. I never realised that before. 

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