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Rosmarin is a UK business owned and run by Alice Sowerby.

Alice has a wealth of experience working to build teams and develop leaders in the tech sector. 

From Startups, to SMEs, to Fortune 500 companies, Alice has a reputation for being a leader with vision and courage who gets things done – in a highly empathic and collaborative way. 

Alice consistently demonstrated her capacity to deliver on key outcomes regardless of project scope. She was an invaluable collaborator and strategic partner.

Josh Atwell


Alice is an astute business operator who combines strengths of strategy, especially around the search for product-market fit, with execution, hiring, budgeting, product delivery and generally “keeping shit together” that is needed in an early stage startup. Any innovation project would be lucky to have her!

Luke Marsden


Alice made the company culture at Dotscience very safe, trusting and caring, and even in times of high stress was always working to make it better and think of ways in which the company should better support employees.

Charlotte Godley


Alice is a an outstanding professional. She is thorough, smart and friendly. We met because her company hired [our company] FuseMachines to test their Ai tool.

She is a very strong operations leader- well prepared, efficient and forward thinking. In addition, Alice is fun to work with.

Contract reviews are never easy; however, working on them with Alice was a breeze. 

Cee Bunevich


Alice’s incredible drive combined with her motivational support, enhanced all areas of Dotscience. She is a leader whom I follow and trust. Her ability to both set vision, operationalize that vision and inspire people to deliver that vision has left an indelible impact on the entire company.

Chris Sterry


Alice is an amazing human and team player who cultivates a high-trust team culture. Although not officially in sales, she was the first person on the executive team to understand and implement my sales training and process in an incredibly sharp way.

She’s uniquely a market-facing COO whose first-hand experiences engaging in customer calls and pilot implementations was felt and appreciated by the sales team.

Her support was essential to us finding product-market fit and implementing our hiring plan. She has an oddly consistent knack for finding incredibly good people that uniquely fit our team’s culture. The incredibly low attrition rate at Dotscience is largely due to her ability to support the CEO, sales, product and engineering functions smoothly.

Walter Roth


When Alice was a Product Owner at ACT, I had the pleasure of working alongside her delivering complex projects to a several customers.

Alice is extremely reliable and ensures that sprints are well planned and transparent which gave me confidence to project robust plans to customers. She has an impressive ability to understand varied customer requirements, motivate the development team and take responsibility to make critical decisions.

Alice is a valuable asset who I would highly recommend.

Louise Robertson


Alice has one of the highest EQs of anyone I’ve worked with. She is thoughtful, compassionate, and candid. She clearly cared deeply about the people involved in the programs as much as the success of our programs. These skills combined made her extremely effective at building strong programs and managing work streams across teams.

Josh Atwell


Alice has an admirable focus on empirical evidence, a deep understanding of actual and potential users’ differing needs across the product adoption lifecycle, and a commitment to understanding not just “what it does” but also “why it does it”. Our company benefited greatly from Alice’s skills, and I learned quite a bit from her about design and product management.

Itamar Turner-Trauring


I worked with Alice for over a year … and was consistently impressed with her ability to manage people and processes, no matter how complex … On any given day, Alice would prioritize features after speaking to users, manage schedules in conjunction with engineering and marketing leaders and generally inspire the collective team to excel. Alice deals effectively with the tradeoffs that come on a daily basis as a product manager, never losing sight of the long term goal, despite any short term detours.

Alice is open to feedback and is a pleasure to work with. Never content with the status quo, Alice always wants to understand the deeper business implications for decisions, so she can push harder to make a product great.

I can’t recommend Alice highly enough.

Michael Ferranti

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