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Alice co-host two podcasts.


I am the main host and producer of the CHAOSS Community podcast after being invited to take on the role in April 2024.

The podcast elevates conversations about metrics, analytics, and software for measuring open source community health.

We invite guests to this podcast to talk about how they use open source community health metrics and software in their own open source communities, companies, or foundations. This podcast fills the gap with open source community metric definitions and software on one side and their use on the other side.

Check out the podcast at

What we don’t talk about

I co-host a podcast called What We Don’t Talk About (also known as WWDTA).

In it I spend time with Ceri Newton-Sargunar unpacking the difficult conversations we all struggle to have. We look first at the common wisdom that tends to be shared reflexively when facing challenging situations. Then we ask “but what don’t we talk about?” as a gateway to talking about the less-acknowledged factors that are at play.

Ceri is an agile professional, coach and trainee neuroscientist with a passion for brains, books and tea. She loves having a nerdy look at why we do what we do on a behavioural and neuroscientific level, and then exploring how we can do better for ourselves and for the folks around us.

For my part, I bring my incurable curiosity about what it’s like to be a human, and the reasons why our experiences are the way they are. I also draw on my practical knowledge gained in leadership and management roles across a wide range of organisations, and my work as a mentor. 

Our first series of 4 podcasts in which we explore some of the challenges of being a first-time manager.  

We released the first episode on April 5, 2022.

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